Latest SEO tool & tips to choose keywords in 2020

Keyword research is an important factor while doing SEO. We can reach customers through the right SEO keyword technique. While doing SEO you will set your own keyword and people will not search for your keyword they will search in their mind and sometimes they will fall into search engine keywords suggestion.

There are many ways to find the keyword but we have chosen the right path to get the keyword. Here is some of the way to get the keywords.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google providing the average monthly search results for Google Adwords. Once you login you will get the search trend for the keyword and you can finalize the keywords from that. It will give us the location-based information of the keyword

But for setting up the keyword planner you have to sign in with the debit or credit card. Just explore it. It will be very useful to finalize your keywords.


2. Google and Bing Related Searches

You can search for your particular keyword but if you did not find the right keyword go to the bottom of the Google or Bing search it will show you related searches it’s the best way to explore the right keyword

Bing related searches

Bing related search

Google related searches

Google Related Search Suggestion

3. Search engine search suggestions

While searching in the search engine they will suggest some dropdown options to get the best search. It will be based on the user searches and it will navigate to find the right keyword.

Google Search Suggesion

4. Competitor keywords

This is one of the way to get the keyword you can check the competitor website and check for the website code in the header section you will get the keywords.

Competitor website source code


5. Soovle app website

This website will give you the search keywords.

soolve App Screen shot SEO Tool keyword

6. website

Alexa is one of the web traffic and analytics tracking website. On this website, we will get the rank of the website and we will get the search keyword of the website.

Alexa Ranking Screenshot

7. Similar web Search

A similar web is a website to find a similar website of a given URL. In the search section, you can find the keyword of the website.

Similear web Screen shot

8. SEMRush  & Ahrefs ( Paid website )

SEMRhsh & Ahrefs is an online tool which helps you to find the competitor keywords and it will provide the details of organic and paid traffic of the website.

These websites are little expensive Marketing agencies and professionals are using this website mainly

9. SEO Keyword website


Moz Keyword Explorer

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

Long Tail Pro

SERPStat Keyword Research Tool

10. Refer Backlink keyword

The company building the backlink for the website it’s a way to get the keyword
like developed by the company link in footer section of the website