Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Before starting the Search Engine Optimization I was worried and I thought it’s a hard job. I have started to learn search engine optimization I realize that it’s a simple job and we have to use some techniques for the SEO. Anybody can do SEO without much effort and cost.

I am not saying 100% simple, It’s complicated in some cases like a tight competition of keyword or doing the SEO against high traffic websites like shopping websites. But if you are ready to taking the effort and doing proper SEO you can bring your website also into the top 10 position

What is Search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the way to bring more traffic or users to your website through the organic search from the search engine.

For example:

Let’s assume Mrs. Angelia doing business for flowers. Her business name is Blossom Flowers. Usually, people will search for her products like below

wedding bouquet Dubai

While searching for the particular product search engine will show you results like the below. We have to bring your website to the search engine first 10 results by doing SEO.

Here is the sample of search results and explained the search results.

Search Engine

In this modern era everyone searching in search engines for everything. Most of them using Google and they have 90% of the search share and in some other countries, people will use Other search engines like bing Baidu yahoo..etc.


A keyword is an important  factor for the search engine optimization and we have to

choose the right keyword for the business-like in the example.

Angelia doing the business of flower ( Blossom Flowers ) and the keyword is

wedding bouquet Dubai. Because most of the time people will search for products or services. In some cases only they will search for the company name.


People will do advertisements for their products and service in a search engines to get more business leads and we can see the result as like this in the top and bottom of searches three or a maximum of five ads it’s temporary only.

We have to pay to the search engine depending on the keyword show the advertisement in the search by impression ( to viewing

the ads ) or on the basis of clicks ( ads will set for the 10 clicks)


After the advertisement rest of them are the organic search result and it will stable for

long time and we have to optimize the website for the best search result